Selasa, 2 April 2013

My Holiday- Malacca'(Part 2)

Hi all, as I promised earlier in my blog My Holiday -Malacca'(Part 1)
Now I'm back again with my vacation in malacca for a second time.

Here also I attach some pictures that I took during there, let's see..

Crisytal Bay,Alai Perdana.
My Kids.

Crystal Bay,Alai Perdana.

My husband along with our children.

 Together with my third child Adriana.

Together with my first and second child (Alisha & Ammar), in the courtyard melaka museum palace.

Great Family Outing

The view from the A Famosa

Menara Taming Sari.

Views during the boat ride.

Views while dining by the river.

In the museum.

View from the Tower Taming Sari.

View from the Tower Taming Sari.

Tiger in Zoo Malacca.

So that's it for this time .....

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