Khamis, 14 Mac 2013

My Holiday - 'Malacca' (Part 1)

At the end of last year (2012), my family and I went traveling to Melaka(Malacca) or better known as The Historic City.When I was in melaka I live in a homestay near 'Crystal bay-Alai Perdana', beach front residence very relaxed. Let's look at some of the pictures I took in the place I live.

Let's see a few more pictures that I took while I was in melaka.
I was with my baby Nur Adriana Hidayah.

My daughter and My son 'Nur Alisha Haziqah & Muhammad Ammar Zakwan'.

Until here only for this time, I will continue this blog with interesting pictures from melaka. This is because I will be visiting again melaka in this'Chinese New Year', but this time with a big family (my husband's side of the family). Look forward to more pictures from me.
To Be Continue....

By : ZieZaini

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